Grant Robertson

Music composer & producer

Hi there, I'm Grant

I'm a music composer & producer from Glasgow, Scotland with several years of experience working with high profile clients ranging from small Indie developers and studios to large companies such as BMI and chart topping artists like Major Lazer.
I started my career primarily working in the field of commercial pop music production, writing music for artists in the US as well as parts of the Carribean and DJing on the days I wasn't recording.
Following this, I made the leap into composition and production for film, tv and videogames with a particular interest in the latter, drawing great inspiration from a childhood immersed in single player RPG's and the cinematic videogame scores of the late 90's.
I have since worked on several independent & mobile titles, a childrens animated series as well as numerous podcasts & YouTube channels.

My Work

I have been writing and composing music for well over eight years now, combining digital sampling, traditional recording techniques and uniquely designed outboard gear to ensure consistant quality and unmatched versatility.
Bellow are some examples of my work which may interest you, a wide variety of pieces suited for various genres and styles.

Commercial Production & DJing

As well as an established composer, I am an experienced DJ spinning various genres from Commercial Deep House and HipHop to 80's Disco, Funk and Carribean under the moniker Cutting Class.
If you're more interested in an expertly curated club night, party or event than an immersive soundtrack, here are some examples for your consideration.


"Grants music was the missing touch my channel needed to look and sound truly professional. You'd struggle to find someone with a better grasp on music in relation to branded content"
- CasualGuy (Youtuber)

"An immensely talented composer that is a joy to work with. Would definitely recommend him for any project!"
- Markus Maechler (Kurve)

"Grant provided a perfectly produced piece to my specifications and was incredibly easy to work with. I would definitely use his services again and urge others to do the same."
- Desrene Williams (Nottinghill Carnival)

"A young visionary,
- Walshy Fire (Major Lazer)


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